Penkid Safety Lock- Window cable restrictor


Penkid is a registered trade mark of Penkid Locks Ltd. Penkid Safety Lock is designed for safe ventilation. Unique design of Penkid is protected by Turkish Patent Institute.

Penkid Locks Ltd is a Turkish producer and supplier, specialized on safety products like safety locks, sash guards, window restrictors.

Our other registered brands are Sezer Metal, Pentilt, Stars Lock. With these brands we produce various kind of door and window accessories such as mortise locks, safety locks, tilt and turn systems, espagnolettes, aluminium and plastic handles , locks, hinges, fly screen accessories, rubber gaskets, mullion connector ties...

Penkid Ltd exports mainly to Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Cis countries.

Highly experienced export team of Penkid Ltd aims maximum customer satisfaction with fast and reputable service.

Penkid certificate!
Penkid Safety Lock for Doors and Windows


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