Penkid Safety Lock- Window cable restrictor




prevents accidents caused by falling down from windows and doors

can be locked with pushing the pin and opened with keys when needed

suitable for all kinds of door and window

made of zinc alloy cast body

Steel wire rope is durable to 770 kg force

Penkid restrictor is regularly being tested over 500 kg force, which exeeds all standards

The wire rope is plastic covered and 20 cm long

White, grey, black, light and dark brown colors are available

Colored plastic covers for body provides elegance and durability

Tested and met the requirement of all related BS EN Standarts.

The quality management system is conformed to the Quality standard of ISO 9001:2008

5 years warranty



Why Penkid ?

Penkid offers the lowest price with the best quality because of its uniqe patented design.

Only Penkid has plastic covers which remains for years elegant. Because oxidation removes paint on painted die-cast metals in just a few years.

Screw heads are not shown with Penkid's plastic covers.

Penkid's die-cast parts are not painted but plated which remains minimum 10 years without oxidation.

Cr + 3 plate of Penkid metal parts does not harm envioriment.

Penkid uses envioriment friendly and recycled materials.

Penkid offers same coloured covered wire rope with the body.

High profit rates for locksmiths, up to % 50 discounted prices over market prices !

Only Penkid provides 5 years full warranty.

Because Penkid Restrictor is a product of highly experienced team!

Penkid is made of zinc alloy cast body and pin all stainless plated. The cable is a stainless steel wire rope which is durable to min 770 kg force and can not be cut with ordinary tools. With 20 cm standard lenght of cable it provides 10-15 cm safe opening.

Colored plastic covers remain elegant appearance for years. All plastic materials are made of anti-bacterial and uv-protected raw materials.

Penkid provides 5 years full warranty.

The Management Quality standard of ISO 9001:2008 applied.

Tested and met the requirement of all related BS EN Standarts.





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Penkid Safety Lock for Doors and Windows


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